Call for young composers 2016

2016 tour Pluralensemble / Call English for young composers:

English Pluralensemble contest invites composers Spanish or resident in Spain, under 35, to include their works in the National Tour 2016. The selected composers will be invited to participate in the round table presentation that will be made before each concerts of the tour. inglespluralensemble offered trip from Madrid and accommodation for one of the concerts.


-Profile Candidates: This call is open to all Spanish composers resident or not in Spain and foreign composers resident in Spain who have not attained 35 years until 31 December 2016.

-Plantilla: Works will be selected within a maximum template that includes flute (piccolo flute, alto flute, 1 interpreter), clarinet (bass clarinet, 1 interpreter), violin, cello and piano.

Shipping -Deadline Score: The works must reach the office of inglespluralensemble before June 30, 2016.

-Selection: Each composer may submit one or more works of around 10 minutes. The works will be selected by a reading committee consisting of members of inglespluralensemble. The selected works will be included in the tour.

-Communication Of results: The results of the selection will be announced on the website of inglespluralensemble the July 20, 2016.

The selected materials must provide their work until 20 August 2016.

Registration form:

Candidates must complete the following registration form and mail it, along with a photocopy of your DNI / NIE into force, and their curriculum vitae, and three encanutilladas copies of the work to the following address:

Plural Ensemble Association
C / Toledo, No. 95, 3rd
CP: 28005, Madrid
- Name
- Surnames
- Year of birth
- Address
- Nationality
- DNI / NIE into force
- Telephone contact
- Email
- Name / s work / s
- Duration
- Year of composition
- Cash
For any questions contact us at the telephone number 91 365 99 82 or via email

Download here the foundations